Spa Week. $50. April 16 -22. Me? Yes!

Fifty dollars. Dollar sign, five, zero!

At one time, this was a sufficient amount of money to fill my car's gas tank...twice. Now, I'm so stressed about the cost of gas these days, I've decided that $50 would be much better spent on a treatment at the spa (well, not really because I have a gift card to spend, so technically it's not MY money). I may just need to have pretty toes while I'm walking down the street, since I won't be able to afford to drive. Boohoo!

Now, where was I?!

Just the other day, I glanced out the window at the beautiful display of Spring approaching. The weather was perfect, with temperatures reaching record highs for this time of the year. Flowers were sprouting, trees were swaying in the cool breeze and the sound of flip flops could be heard a mile away. I took one look out the window, then down at my feet and realized– we were NOT on the same page.

I need a yesterday.

I have horrible toes (and way-too-long toenails <---fixing that soon), but I'm embracing them.
I'm eying the 60 minute Exotic Mango Manicure and Pedicure from Chesapeake Beach Hotel & Spa.

Not sure which treatment you want just yet? Watch the Wellness Gone Wild video for a little inspiration. WARNING: There's poop involved.

If you're looking for a treatment, visit today. This is a popular promotion, so you'll want to book right away.

Disclosure Information

I'm a member of the Hot Mom Spa Squad. The opinions and views are my own. The gift card I received was NOT provided for this post. I received it for another campaign.

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