A SIGN of the Times

Keep Right.
No Parking.

These are typical signs that we see during an innocent commute, on any given day. It's second nature that we follow the directions on the sign. After all, there are consequences if we don't.

For instance, the person who committed the crime below must have made a wrong turn and ended up on Ignorance Lane. This was only one of many signs I could photograph before the State Highway Administration took down and cleaned off the graffiti plastered over several signs on a local road.

And a few weeks following this act of vandalism, the cowards struck again. This time, they (because there has to be a lookout person, I'm sure) used a CURVES AHEAD sign as the foundation for a drawing of a penis. They sprayed the word, "Dick" (oooh...clever), on the sign that pointed to a white house sitting on the hill. When I cut the corner and saw their next bold move, I nearly crashed.

I wanted to take a picture of the house, but there was a sheriff in the driveway. As a law-abiding citizen (cough), I didn't want to use my cellphone while operating a moving vehicle. Unfortunately, I kept the visual in my head the entire car ride. They, a.k.a "the cowards", drew a picture of a penis peeing on a stick figure... using black spray paint on a white house.

It was appalling.

The fact that someone had to physically trespass in a person's yard, crack open a can of spray paint, draw an obscene picture on the SIDE of their home and walk off into the night or early morning as if nothing ever happened, shocks the crap out of me.

They obviously have a lot of balls, like the ones they depicted in the picture on the side of the house.


What is the world coming to?!

I thought for sure they would give their vandalism a break. And they did as far as I could see. That was until I stumbled upon a sign advertising new homesites up for sale. I didn't quite notice the hateful words sprayed on the sign because the cowards chose to use white spray paint this time.

Aren't we artistic?! Not really.

I'm not oblivious enough to think that racism doesn't exists. What bothers me is the idea that we have to witness other people's ignorance. If you don't like a person, a place, or thing (boys and girls, that's a noun), keep it to your freaking self.

There are already enough distractions on the road. We don't need to see what an A$$ some people are!

Whew. I need some ice cream after this post. 

road stock photo by www.pixmac.com

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