Jennifer Westfeldt on 'Friends with Kids'

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a pre-screening of the hilarious new movie called, 'Friends with Kids'. Held at the AMC Theatres in Georgetown, the house was packed with anxious critics and fans from the DC Metro area.

My SIL Kinsey and I were reserved two seats for the screening. Thank goodness the seats were reserved because a few people had to be turned away due to the popularity of the advance screening requests. After a bit of a seat mix-up, we were kindly ushered to our seats...only two rows below where the director and star of the movie, Jennifer Westfeldt, was seated.

Talk about pressure!

The laughs started immediately. I expected there would be a few, considering the cast included Adam Scott ("Parks and Recreation"), Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Chris O'Dowd, Megan Fox and Edward Burns. You can read more details about the movie on my previous post about 'Friends with Kids'.

I wasn't quite prepared for the rawness of the movie, but I also loved that about it. Some of the lines were a bit harsh, cruel and straight to the point. It's safe to say that the a few of the characters earned their "douche bag" titles with little to no effort. And let's not leave out the fact that sex was a common thread throughout the movie. I distinctively remember two, more mature ladies cringing in the seats beside me during one of the awkward sex scenes. I loved it!!

I didn't cry during the movie, but there were scenes that has me tearing up. Every film has it's gushy moments. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I've read where people comment on not wanting to see it because Megan Fox was in the movie. She actually did a great job. Nothing overly sexual, just a normal girl.

I'd have to say that Maya Rudolph and Chris O'Dowd stole the show. They were brilliant as a couple.

The movie all around was great. I'm no film critic, but I left the theater wanting to see it again. It touched such a broad range of emotions. That's what I look for in a movie.

I would definitely go catch this. It's not a certified chick-flick, but would make an excellent choice for a girl's night out.

'Friends with Kids' is relatable, entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny.

Go see it! Did I mention that already?

Here's Jennifer during the Q&A:

Disclosure Information
I received complimentary tickets to attend a pre-screening and a "goodie" bag thanks to Child's Play Communications. The opinions and views are my own and do not reflect those of the sponsor.

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