Confident Much?

As I was cleaning out my trunk the other night, I stumbled upon a rather hilarious school paper that belonged to Kaden. Normally I would just toss it out without looking over the text, but something caught my eye this time.

At the top of his paper, there was an assortment of doodles. I wanted to make sure he wasn't participating in some "funny business" with a friend and decided to divert his attention somewhere else. You know, kind of like I did in school. Ha!

Here is what he drew on his paper:

It took a few different angles to figure out just what he was trying to portray, but I finally figured it out.

Kaden drew a picture of himself, with his brain oozing out the side of his head.

Good stuff, right?!

Apparently he was trying to demonstrate how huge his brain is, hence the caption "overload of smartness" underneath the picture.

I couldn't contain my chuckles when I saw this picture. At the same time, I was proud of him. In an age where children are often afraid to be intelligent, or are picked on for being book smart (never did understand this concept), I commend him for acknowledging his worth.

Now my only question is: Did his teacher draw the smiley face before or after he drew his picture?

Either way, I know she'd agree with it.

I'm such a stage mom!! **exits stage left

Feel free to brag about your loved ones in the comments section. We need to celebrate one another.

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