Valentine's Day Card-Making Video Flashback

Valentine's Day is overrated. And I'm not just saying that because I don't have anyone (spouse, partner, child, friend, family...enemy) to spend it with.  

Because I do. ♥

The fact remains that Valentine's Day has become so commercialized. It has wiggled it's way not only into people's hearts, but their wallets as well.

But what are you going to do? 

The world is filled with hopeless romantics.
And I fall victim to the vicious cycle of over-doing it for Valentine's Day...sometimes.
But on a budget! In fact, here's a great coupon to Michael's that ends tomorrow.

For me, one of the best parts of celebrating Valentine's Day is making crafts with Kaden and goodies for his classmates. With the widely popular site, Pinterest, I have discovered several projects to re-create for this day of love.

I already ordered the prints from They had an amazing deal on prints last week.

We're going to attempt to make the Valentine's Day cards that give the effect that the person in the picture is handing you a treat. Of course there will be some variations. I don't like to copy a craft completely. I need some form of personalization.

If you notice, Kaden is wearing a chalkboard shirt in the picture. He wrote "Happy Valentine's Day!" on the front. We were trying to meet the prints order deadline, so we rushed this pic. I would have liked to take the glare off a bit. But for the most part, we're going with these.

I found this video in the "archives". It's a young Kaden making crafts for his pre-K class. He was excited to make each dot perfectly, so much so that he got upset and insisted that he "keep messing up!" Take note of the dramatics as well (hand on forehead, sad face).

We did make it to school on time that day. And the teacher was thrilled when she saw Kaden's Valentine's Day cards.

The verdict is STILL out on the other parents' reaction. Luckily, I don't care!!

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