Bath and Body Works has an Amazing Sale

I'm a bit obsessed with candles. They can literally AND figuratively make my world a brighter place.

The scent, the ambiance and today, the cost, are all reasons why I can never have too many.

I received a gift card for my birthday last week to Bath and Body Works. I've been shopping at this store for years. It stepped on the scene at a time when The Body Shop was the IT shop for all things lotions and fragrance.

Not anymore!

Bath and Body Works is known for its amazing deals and coupons. I was lucky enough to stumble upon one this morning.

I randomly logged on to the site and was greeted by an overwhelming amount of sales. And this girl loves a deal. Some call it cheap. I call it smart.

Instead of buying yet another tube of lotion that makes me smell like a spring garden, I opted to purchase all candles.

There two deals I took advantage of are:
  • 4 oz. candles at 2 for $10 (regularly $9.50 each)
  • 1.3 oz. {mini} candles at 2 for $5
I know it seems pointless to purchase the mini candles, but they have a burn time of 15 to 20 hours. Lit for a few hours a day, and you could get through the entire week. So they are worth it to me.

It's a bit too early for math, but let's see how much I saved:

Original: 2 candles @ reg. $9.50 each = $19
Sale: 2 candles @ $10 = $10 plus 20% off = $8
Savings: $11

Original: 4 candles @ reg. $3.50 each =  $14
Sale: 4 candles @ $10 = $10 plus 20% off = $8
Savings: $6

{coupon code S125378 for an additional 20% off}

Total savings: $17

If I didn't rush it, I could have purchased two more mini candles for $5 and used the promo code USA25 to receive $1 for a purchase of $25 or more. Oh well. You can't win them all.

I'm not sure how long these deals are going to last, but I would hope right on it today.

Happy shopping!

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Disclosure Information
I didn't have to post about this deal. I just wanted to share in hopes that you too will benefit from the savings. I love finding a great bargain. Who doesn't?! 

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