Walmart Run: Christmas Clearance

I went in for nothing...and came out with a lot of somethings.

I'm THAT person who goes into a store without a purpose.

I'm a browser.
A window-shopper.
A let-me-waste-my-precious-time-er.

Whatever the title, I can never pass up a great deal or sale. Such was the case for my latest visit to Walmart.

I noticed a huge clearance sign hanging on the building as I walked toward the store's entrance. Like a giddy kid in a candy store, I smiled. I knew I would find something...even if I wasn't looking for anything in particular.

I did!

the items I didn't need
I found these cute, sports-themed chocolate balls (that doesn't sound so great). I thought they would be a great treat for my son's basketball team. I assumed they were going to be $.25 a piece, which wasn't bad at all. After scanning the barcode, I discovered they were only $.10 a piece. I said, "What the heck?! I'm getting the entire box."

I did!

chocolate balls for a total of $1.80

Most of the Christmas clearance was 75% off. I browsed every aisle, but made sure I wasn't tempted by all of the low prices. I did pretty well. I couldn't pass up getting Kaden a Santa hat though. It was only $.24. If you like to do crafts with your children, or volunteer at a school, these are the perfect items to stock up on.

santa hats in all sizes, different colors and fabrics, various prices

We recently had a small amount of snow fall in Maryland. For some reason our winter has been rather mild in temperature. I won't complain, but I do love it when it snows.

To help soothe my disappointment, I found snowflake gel clings. I'll put them on Kaden's window so he'll have snow every day. They were only $.75.

snow all year
I also picked up:
  • (2) ornament frame kits that yield 15 ornaments: $1.00 a piece
  • (1) mini gift bag: $.25
  • (2) sets of Wilton treat bags: $.25 a piece
  • (1) angel stencil: $.25
  • (1) set of Victorious lip gloss for Mariah: $1.25
  • (1) scooter skirt for Mariah: $1.00
So, how much damage did I cause?

A whopping $8.98! I saved close to $20.

That's how I roll!

I don't know what it is about Walmart, but I can never leave empty-handed.

**BTW, this isn't sponsored. But I may need a "sponsor" to help me with my shopping habits.

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