There's no "I" in #TeamBrenn

People die every day. Perhaps every minute. Maybe seconds. THAT goes without saying.

A couple of days ago, Brenn Carter lost her life in a fatal car accident. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the cause, it seems so silly to lose 19 year old girl in such a tragic way.

No one will ever know what happened during the moments leading to the accident, what was going on in Brenn's mind as it was happening, or what happens once she took her final breath. Only God has the complete story.

If you want to know more about the accident, check out the DMVFollowers story: ,

or here:

As much as we like to pretend the world is only made up of the cities, streets and communities local to us, the truth is that we are all apart of the Earth. I tweeted a bit earlier about this exact feeling, with a seemingly appropriate video accompanying it– Beyoncé's, "I Was Here".

I didn't know Brenn personally, but the six degrees of separation theory rings true. She was friends with several people I knew. And it is even more real because the accident occurred on a road I travel everyday, just minutes from where a few of my relatives reside. It's now marked by a memorial overflowing with flowers, bears, balloons...and scraps of debris from the mangled car.

Now, Brenn's Facebook page is plastered with comments and likes that could never fill the void her friends and family must be feeling. Still, it's a beautiful thing to see a community come together in a time of mourn.

To put it into perspective, here is a trending map picture tweeted out by @Kevos_Mind from earlier:

Several  people from the community have joined in on the tribute. Some even creating a new Twitter account just to take part in the #TeamBrenn movement. Take a look a some of these tweets:

Brenn's boyfriend @IamJHawk

The Kane Show on Hot 99.5 @Kaneshow

R&B artist Ginuwine @Ginuwine

Football player Hank Baskett @TheHankBaskett

There are several others who I know I am missing. The point is, people really do come together in a time of loss. If this isn't motivation enough to cherish the relationships you have RIGHT NOW, then I don't know what is.

People, from all over, are on a mission to work as a team. One person cannot do it alone. There is no "I" in Team Brenn.

They say whatever you post on the Internet will last forever. If this is true, and I believe it is, Brenn left one hell of a forever on her Twitter page, dated January 22, 2012, less than an hour from the time of the reported accident. From her own Twitter account, this was @BelloBitch 's final tweet:

I'm sure she reached the moon just fine...on her way to heaven.

R.I.P. Brenn.

**photo courtesty of Brenn's Facebook page

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