Sweet Memories at Krispy Kreme #KKVIB2012

In the next couple of days, I'll share my wonderful experience from a recent trip to the Krispy Kreme headquarters in Winston-Salem, NC. Right now, I'm soaking in all the knowledge I gained and the wonderful friendships I made.

I wanted to thank Amanda, from MommyMandy.com, for allowing me to go in her place. I'm sure the doughnuts would have been accepted with open arms by her pregnancy. Let's hope I did a good job for her. I'll be posting the recap on her blog.

If you've been following the #KKVIB2012 hashtag on Twitter, you'll see there was no shortage of excitement shared by the attendees. I learned so much about the company, the people and the passion. I'm a bit overwhelmed.

I'm not sure when others will share their experience. But, here is a wonderful list of all of the attendees so you can keep up:
Louise from momstart.com (@momstart)
Wendy & Greg from sweetiessweeps.com (@sweetiessweeps)
Nikki from foodbuzz.com (@niksnacks)

Disclosure Information
All accommodations and travel have been paid for thanks to Krispy Kreme. The opinions and views are my own.
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