Pastry Shoes are Cool for Mariah and Me!! #cbias

Shoes that you can eat! Well...not quite, but Pastry Shoes are so deliciously designed, you'll want to tell others to EAT their little hearts out as you walk by in a pair.

Recently, Mariah and I shopped the online site for a pair of cool sneakers (check out our Google + story). I remember when Angela and Vanessa Simmons first introduced their idea to create a shoe line. It started as a dream, but quickly became a reality as these young women put all their passion into creating a line that would catch the attention of people all across the world.

About Pastry Shoes:

Catch me in the kitchen like a Simmons whippin Pastry Shoes

Baked up in 2007, Pastry shoes is about serving fun fresh fashion sneakers to junior girls. Vanessa and Angela Simmons (daughters of Reverend Run AKA Rev Run from Run DMC) on MTV's Run's House and MTV's Daddy's Girls created the Pastry Kicks brand to make brilliantly colorful shoes. Pastry trainers allow young girls to express themselves with unique fashion sneakers.

Mariah was excited to shop for shoes. As I started browsing the site and showing her different options, I was amazed at how opinionated she was. We began our search in the Freshly Baked category. Immediately she pointed to these:

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The picture above shows NYC Sweet Crime - Hello Kitty X Pastry in Gold. They are awesome. I was devastated when I discovered these are only made for junior girls. Mariah is a huge Hello Kitty fan. I tried to clear the screen before she noticed, but she saw them. I had to tell her we were not getting them. Besides, they were $100. I'm more of a bargain shopper. I don't usually purchase anything at retail price. I have to have a coupon, sale, or promo. I would never spend this much on a toddler-sized shoe anyway.

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The picture aboves are the pair that Mariah continued to point out– The Sire Varsity - Kids in Grey/Pink for $29.99. She said the pink is what made her like them. In all honesty, these are the shoes I picked for her before I even showed her the site. They combine the girly element by having pink in them, but are neutral enough with the grey color to wear with an assortment of items.

Because Pastry shoes are geared toward junior girls, there was only a small selection for Mariah's size. Here they are:

 However, the Freshly Baked category had over four pages of shoes to choose from:

The shoes Mariah wanted came in other colors and sized for older girls. Here they are in black:

Once we decided to go with the shoe Mariah selected, I added them to the cart. Before I got to the final part of the checkout, I decided to look for a coupon online to save a few dollars. I found one on Retail Me Not. The coupon gave me 5% off of my purchase using the code pastrymodelsearch-10.

The code took off $4.50 from the $29.99 price. Next, it was time to add shipping. I never like this part.

I was shocked when I saw the shipping prices for Pastry shoes. The cheapest option starts at $10.27. That is a pretty expensive when you consider the cost of the shoes. I was only spending $25 for the shoes. Not a great deal.  I tried to make myself feel better by considering the close to $5 I saved using the promo code.

I decided to register to the site, so that all my information would be ready when I visited again.

This was my first time on the Pastry Shoes site. I normally see them in shoe stores at the mall. I like to see items up close to get an idea of the fit, details, and style. I also like to see if they will be durable, considering the shoes are for an on-the-go toddler. In this case, I trust that I'll have no problem if the shoes do not meet our standards. In fact, there is information on the bottom of the page concerning returns & exchanges:

With everything in place, we ordered the shoes with ease. Our grand total was $35.76.

Overall, I like the Pastry shoe site.
  • There is a wealth of information on the site that leads you to other resources. 
  • The zoom feature allows you to see products at a closer view. 
  • The site is easy to navigate.
  • The site is simple and clean. Not a lot of clutter.
  • There are ways to connect online and be social using Facebook and Twitter. 
There are a few changes that could be made as well.
  • I think music would be a cool feature, with the ability to turn it on and off. 
  • The shipping prices need to come down a bit, or there need to be more shipping offers. 
  • I would love to see more kid sizes on the site. Little girls like to look up to their older relatives.
  • Adding clothing to would be a great addition.
For the girl who loves sneakers, but wants to keep them flirty, fun, and cool, Pastry shoes are the way to go. Great job, Angela and Vanessa.

Just for fun:
Watch a small clip of our behind-the-scenes online shopping as Mariah discovers the Hello Kitty shoes on the computer screen:

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This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. The opinions and views are my own.  
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