Monday Me #1

Already I've dropped the ball on Definition Friday. I missed last week. Here's my hand. Smack it!

I have to stop doing most things in my life in a dilatorily manner.

See. We're even now. 
There's a word for you.
I'm moving on. 
So should you.

Up next, MONDAY ME! This one shouldn't be do difficult. All I have to do is snap a picture from some part of my day on Monday. 

It's such a dreaded day. I thought: why not give myself something to do on Mondays, something to look forward to. 

Again, we'll see how this turns out. 

I can't remember the country this dress came from,
but the label reads, "Mama & Papa". 
Isn't it fun?

There you have it. 
Simple enough. 

See you next week for Monday Me!

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