Jay Z's 'Glory' Song for Blue Ivy is in Great Company

Glory! Glory! Glory!...Sorry.

No need to apologize Mr. Carter. We understand. We really do.

Whether you're a mother, father, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister – you get the point – or ANY person with a beating heart, the birth of a child is something to be celebrated. People send announcements, flowers, gift baskets, balloons, cigars, give hugs, handshakes, congratulate, cry, smile, jump for joy and...write songs!

That's what rapper Jay Z did, just days after his and Beyonce's daughter, Blue Ivy, was born. He even credits her name cleverly as the featured artist by using the initials, B.I.C. She can be heard crying faintly over the track at the end of the song.

My heart melts every time I hear it. **grabs a tissue

If you haven't heard this track, where the heck have you been? Thanks goodness the world wide web has a plethora of resources. Take a listen to the track heard here:

What makes this song one of Jay Z's greatest is the authenticity. I know most rappers are known to spit verses that depict their true life – past, present, future – in an effort to remain "real" and "credible". However, the simple lyrics that Jay laces over this track have a different feel than his über popular head-nodding, beat-worthy, and poetic albums from the past.

This track is about another life. A life that he and his wife created (which carries even more significance after Jay reveals that Bey suffered a miscarriage before this conception). A "child with the child from Destiny's Child" to be exact.

While Jay Z is not the first to create a song inspired by a child, he has undoubtedly earned a spot at the top of the list for one of the most enjoyable songs.

Here's a list of some of the other songs inspired by children:

Stevie Wonder ~ 'Isn't She Lovely'

Lenny Kravitz ~ 'Flowers for Zoe'

Usher ~ 'Prayer for You'

Celine Dion ~ 'Miracle'

 John Lennon ~ 'Beautiful Boy'

Will Smith ~ 'Just the Two of Us'

Amy Grant ~ 'Baby, Baby'

I failed to mention at the beginning of this post that even I have a song I wrote for my own child. It was a failed attempt at soothing him when he was being fussy. I picked a melody, made up a few words, and just like that the birth of my child and a song were delivered.

I'll spare you the performance. Only a select few know the lyrics to this song. Heck, my own son laughs at them when I sing it to him today. It doesn't quite work so well on a ten year old, unless of course I update the song to a rap-style rendition. That should do it!

Well, I'm off to remix the ode to my child. This should be fun!

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