FLIP the Script: Mariah Interviews Herself #vlogging

Where's the first place you look when a gadget goes missing? Under the Christmas tree of course!

Yesterday, I was searching desperately for my FlipShare video camera so that I could work on a review– a typical day for a blogger. Much to my surprise, it was not in my purse. I went over the river and through the woods...ummm, wrong song...let's try again.

I searched the entire house looking for my tiny, black assistant that has been my savior for several projects I've worked on. I was gifted one from the Baltimore Chevy Dealers during my stint as a Baltimore Chevy Girls On-the-Go.

After nearly giving up and praying it would magically show up on it's own, the tiny-gadgets-that-are-easily-lost Gods came to my rescue. There, sitting quietly under the Christmas tree among opened packages baring remnants of Christmas paper and clear tape, was the FlipShare video camera. From a distance I could see an assortment of fingerprints and other foreign marks covering the screen. I knew immediately who the culprits were– Mariah and Iyana– my lovely, energetic baby cousins.

What I discovered as I clicked through the recorded files on the video camera is priceless. Mariah made several quick and accidental videos of herself saying random things. However, there is one video that was made on purpose. When I watched it, all I could think was, "This is the four year-old version of me!"

There are a few more videos on the camera that made me giggle. I just keep watching it over and over again. Some of my favorite parts include:
  • 0:40 Mariah coughs and excuses herself: "'Cuse me. So sorry. I just had to cough." Too cute!
  • 1:05 Mariah begins her talk about the "Pancake House" a.k.a. IHOP.
  • !:52 Mariah makes us hold on for over 10 seconds and comes back to say, "I just got a little FREEZY." Whatever that means?!
  • 2:45 Iyana, Mariah's younger sister, starts playing with her hair. Mariah threatens her with, "Stop! Or I'm never playing with you again."
  • 2:58 Mariah warns us the video will "take like 2 more minutes". It ends less than 30 seconds later.
  • Throughout the entire video, she has moments where her voice peaks. Again, so cute! I'm biased.
Apparently, she has seen me vlogging one too many times. If you can tolerate a Blair Witch style of videography, then check her video out:

Children DO watch what we are doing. Here I am ordering Pastry shoes for her and had not recollection of this moment. I do remember her coming over to the computer, but had no idea she was documenting the ordeal.

This is what I live for. Those unscripted, completely raw, and priceless moments seen through a child's eye...or a FlipShare video camera.

That's life. Press record and play!

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