Definition Friday: Plethora

My friends and I have a running joke when it comes to using "big words". Every now and then, someone in our circle will startle us with a word that contains more than three letters. Like, Oh. My. Gosh!

We label them– S.A.T. (scholastic aptitude test) words– meaning they are so grand in their spelling, definition, and pronunciation, that the word should never be used again or you will be kicked out of the group. Ha! Just kidding. That would make anyone sad, mad, and have a bad time.

Granted, not every word is difficult on this standardized test, but us "normal folk" don't go around spitting them out on a daily basis...unless you're my cousin, Tamara.

Ian always tells me I'm using the incorrect words when I'm trying to be "educated". It's always generates a huge laugh for my word choices. I love that about me! 

I'm going to attempt to expand my vocabulary by posting a new word here each Friday. Hopefully, I found a clever way to incorporate the word into my every day life and bring a little sophistication to the table as I dine on wings and drink a beer.

I'm already taking myself for a joke!

Let's start with something common. Simple. Easy. My favorite.

Today's Word:
Plethora - noun \ˈple-thə-rə\
Definition: excess, superfluity; also : profusion, abundance
Sentence: She has a plethora of shoes, but can only wear one pair at a time.
Don't you love it when the definition uses words to that you don't know to define a word you don't know.

Yeah. Makes total sense, right?!

Word up!

Disclosure Information
**All words will be referenced using Merriam-Webster online dictionary, unless otherwise noted. 
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