Toy Guy's Top Holiday Toy Picks plus QUICK Giveaway #Christmas

Playing with the hottest holiday toys is a tough job...but somebody has to do it. Fortunately, that job was left for Kaden and I. We were sent a box filled with The Toy Guy's Top Holiday Toys Picks and had a blast trying them all out.

Each year, the Toy Guy, a.k.a. Chris Bryne from, boils down the best of the best toys of the year. Here is what he came up with and our thoughts on each toy:

What we thought: The Hexbug Larva is a cool toy. Having played with the Hexbug Nano, this is definitely more fun. The size and realistic movement make it that much more real. A collection of the Hexbug Larva toys would definitely be neat to have.


What we thought: Cepia is always thinking of another way to re-invent the ZhuZhu Pet. These adorable creatures are hard not to love. They resemble zoo characters and possess the similar look. Although animals can be played with by a boy or girl, I would recommend this product for a girl.

I would say that the car does not work as easily as a commercial might show. It took us a bunch of tries to get it to move correctly with the pet. 


What we thought: Before we even took these out of the pack, we knew we would not like them. My son is not into the whole anime type deal. This game was confusing. I'm sure the set-up was easy, but it made no sense to me. I would purchase this only if you're a huge fan. Otherwise, I'm not sure what the point is.


What we thought: Love, love this concept. Puzzles are already a blast on their own. Adding the 3D element took it to another level. My son enjoyed piecing this together. He asked for my assistance with the main puzzle and punching out the 3D parts. Other than that, it was all him. It takes awhile to work on the puzzle. Be patient. The end result is worth it.


What we thought: So fun. Even I tried it out for size. I know it says age 4 and up, but this 30 year old is still trying to beat it. I did get close. I just need a little more practice. Even Mariah tried it out and she's 4. There is no way a 4 year old can do this. Or is there? It keeps you busy and makes you angry when you have to start over again. 


 What we thought: Again, this was a blast. Waaaaay more challenging. I would recommend that you do not drop or throw the ball on the floor. We think a few of our pieces shifted, causing it not to work properly. Hopefully this is a quick fix. Unlike the Rookie pictured above, the colors aren't as define. This takes a lot more concentration and time. I'm taking baby steps for now. Definitely a great puzzle to keep your mind going.



What we thought: If I had to choose a favorite out of all the toys, this would be it. Heck, we're fighting over who gets to play. This cool toy rethinks the RC car. Instead, you point a laser to where you want the car to go. So awesome. This call has speed, too. There are moments when it doesn't do exactly what you want, but it's so fun you hardly notice. 


A few tips I would recommend for anyone purchasing toys for the holiday (yeah, I know it's tomorrow) or anytime:
  • Make sure you check to see if the toy needs batteries. No child wants to have a toy in front of them that they can't play with because it needs some juice. Look on the box and include it with the gift. 
  • Check out the inside packaging. Some toys have way too many contraptions. You may need scissors, a screwdriver, etc. This is a pain for a child, or parent, with no patience. Maybe you can get the toy ready and place it back it the original box. 
  • Pay attention to the recommended age. It's been my experience that most children can play with toys above their age range. However, don't be upset if your child is too young and can't get the concept of a toy. On the flip side, no child wants to play with a toy that is too young for them. 
  • Read a review...or two. A lot of the times children are the best reviewers. A parent may submit a review on a site communicating their child's thoughts. It's more than likely going to be honest. Do your research before you go to the store. The toy may be a waste of your time...and money.

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