Riding in Cars with Boys

For some reason, children think there is an invisible wall dividing the front of the car from the back of the car. Their conversations straddle a fine line of secrecy. It's as if what they are talking about is acceptable for the parentals to hear, but it's obvious some parts are being left out.

Last week, I took Kaden and his cousin to a local hotel to have some relaxation time before the holidays. Ironically, we did none of that.

What I've learned about boys is that they love to talk. And talk. And talk. 

On the way to the hotel, this is the conversation I heard coming from the back seat.

Isaiah to Kaden: "Dude! Every parent in my class is way older than my mom."

Kaden to Isaiah: "I know! Mine too!"
Isaiah to Kaden: "They're old...like 40."

I giggle quietly in the front of the car.

Me to the boys: "That's not old. It's just some people have children earlier than others."

The boys look at each other and make a face. 

Kaden to Isaiah: "I know. Some parents are like the same age as my grandparents."

Isaiah: "Well, my grandmother is Sicily."

Kaden to Isaiah: "Huh?"

Isaiah to Kaden: "She's Italiano."

Kaden to Isaiah: "That's not even a place."

Again, I giggle quietly in the front of the car.

Isaiah: "Well...she's Italy."

Gotta love boys...and riding in cars with them.
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