Old Navy's Winter Bundle Up Bash #crowdtapper

Don't threaten us with a good time!
Top Left - Tamara, Top Right - Keonté, Bottom Left - Latolya, Bottom Right - Yolanda

That's just what we had on a cold Friday night at the Old Navy store in Annapolis, MD. I, along with three of my BFFs (also my cousins), spent nearly two hours browsing the winter selections at Old Navy. We were participating in an in-store party thanks to Crowdtap and my role as a member of the Old Navy Style Council. Old Navy and Crowdtap gave me four coupons, one for me and three for my friends, to redeem on items that fell under the winter category. Each of us was able to shop for a winter accessory (hat, gloves, scarf), a sweater and a pair of pants. It wasn't as easy as it sounds.

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Our mission was to shop, have fun while doing it, and Tweet live! If you want the shorter version of my re-cap, watch this video:

We wasted no time trying on items. Among the more popular items were the polka dot sweaters and the marled wrap.

Because we are all frequent Old Navy shoppers, there were several other items we tried on as well. Get this: We all own the same maxi dress. I sense a family portrait in the making.

I am not in a lot of the pictures. I was busy capturing all the candid, and not-so-candid moments, of my friend. When I finally had the chance to search for something, I didn't know what to choose. I did notice a cute striped sweater and eventually tried on an outfit just my style.

Apparently, we were all on the same wave length that night. Everyone wanted the same items. Old Navy carried a pair of cute cargo, tie-waist pants that were extremely versatile. They are called: Women's Tie-Belt Drape-Jersey Pants and the retail price is $34.94.

There were an abundance of cold-weather accessories nicely displayed on the wall.

After trying on several options, we headed to the checkout line. Unaware of the time, we literally shut the store down. It closed while we were in there. Luckily, Paul the manager, was gracious and patient with us. He and his associates kindly entertained us as we made our purchases.

The savings were unbelievable. Check out Yolanda's before total:

And now, here final total after the coupon has been applied:

Let's do the math: She saved $84.00. That's like...a lot!

Everyone walked away happy. And even though I did not make my purchase that day...

...I did make a new friend.

Thank you Old Navy and Crowdtap for this wonderful opportunity.

Disclosure Information
I, along with three friends, received coupons to purchase complimentary items at Old Navy. I am a member of the Old Navy Style Council thanks to Crowdtap. The views, opinions, and actions are my own. They do not reflect those of the sponsor.

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