2011 WAS a Great Year. Let's Do it Again!!

Reflecting. It's normally something I do at the local pond as I peer over the boardwalk to get a glimpse of my distorted figure in the chilly water. I've never been too "deep", but I figured it was okay for me to go there. Instead of reflecting, I thought I would share all the great blessings I had in 2011– good or bad.

January 2011

I attended the Elmer's Glue 'n' Glitter Immersion in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In a round-table format, I was able to participate in product development, offer insight, and of course...get crafty! I even met the most wonderful people from Collective Bias/Social Fabric, Elmer's, and Walmart. What a trip!!

February 2011

I turned 30 on February 8th! I still don't know how or what it feels like, even though I am living it. This age presented a lot of exploring for me. I'm feeling my way around and trying to discover just where I want to go. I also noticed a difference in my body, like everything started to either expand...or drop. Nonetheless, turning 30 was a blast.

March 2011

photo courtesy of Talking with Tami

I headed to Walt Disney World for the 2011 Disney Dreamers Academy, hosted by Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine. This trip was nothing short of spectacular. Upon my arrival, I met the ever-entertaining and fabulous Tammie, from Talking with Tami. She was a blast! I also met Lorraine from Run Wifey Run and Ronnie & Lamar Tyler from Black and Married with Kids. There were a bunch of celebrities who I was thrilled to be in the company of, including Steve Harvey, Mikki Taylor, Raven Simone, Tia Mowry, Terrance J, Yolanda Adams, and of course, Mickey Mouse. I owe the great Laura Spencer for the invitation.

April 2011

I took Kaden to his first Cirque du Soleil show titled, Totem. Unlike other shows, this particular performance was housed under a tent in Baltimore's Westport location. It was magical. I was glad to be able to share this moment with my son.

We were invited to another show, but heavy flooding prevented us from seeing the show. I'm hoping to catch another Cirque show in the future.

May 2011

Hello, Baltimore Chevy Girls on-the-go! I, along with Lara from Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom and Madeleine from Peace.Love.Lipgloss, drove a Chevy Traverse for one month. We documented our missions, while sharing features of the vehicle. It was a blast. Months after, we continued to spread the word and host awesome giveaways. 

We even filmed a commercial at a local news station.

June 2011

The Great Wolf Lodge Waterslide-athon was epic! We were invited to the Williamsburg, VA location to attend this charity event for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. For every completion down the designated slide, $1 was raised. It was a quick one-night stay, but just enough fun for us to realize we have to visit again.  

July 2011

Monster Jam at M&T Stadium (home of the Baltimore Ravens) was pure genius. Big trucks. Big stadium. Huge crowd. Lots of noise. Although, we didn't hear much of it because we has fantastic seats in the press box of the stadium. I met a guy who told me that the seat I sat in that night was the same seat that "such and such" sits in every game. It was so awesome. The boys love it and so did I.

I also had the chance to finally meet Melinda and Rob Babiak of Look What Mom Found...and Dad too. They are awesome. My pal Jennifer Gerlock from Hip As I Wanna Be was there too. I can't say enough about her. She is nothing but awesome.

How can I forget the infamous bee sting? Kaden experienced one of the worst allergic reactions I've ever witnessed. He was sent to the emergency room and spent the night at the hospital. Thanks to his grandmother for her fast response. As it turns out, he's allergic to wasps and yellow jackets. Poor baby.

August 2011

Earthquake...in MD...while at the movies. Holy moly! We were completely shocked. In neighboring Virginia, there was an earthquake that sent waves to several other states. It was weird and scary. Luckily, no one was hurt. Just a little bit of damage. 

May I add that I JUST finished watching "The Help", which is the movie I was viewing as the earthquake hit.

September 2011

For the love of me, I can't remember anything that happened in September. It may have to do with the fact that school started around this time, so I really did have much going on besides the hustle and bustle of back-to-school. 

I could also call this my "calm after the storm" month from Hurricane Irene. SHE hit Maryland just at the end of August, but left enough damage to take us well in to September. I'm glad that it wasn't as severe as predicted, but there were a few fatalities. It makes my phone wars with Comcast and BGE seem a little petty now that I look back on it.

October 2011

Poison Ivy was on my mind...and body. I wanted to get "crafty" and help my son with a school project. Along the way, I picked up a piece of the ole ivy and spread it along the way. It was the longest week of my life. Luckily, I know just what to stay away from when I go on another adventure in the wood.

November 2011

photo courtesy of Invisalign
The Invisalign Straight Talk Event was by far my favorite event of the year. Once again, the wonderful Jennifer Gerlock invited me to this intimate get-together. It was held at Hotel George in Washington, D.C. I asked my SIL to tag along. We thoroughly enjoyed the night. Did I mention Dmitry Chaplin, known for his work on Dancing with the Stars, was in attendance? Well, I just did. He taught us how to shake it and move it with steps to the salsa. Another great night filled with food, new friends, and fun. 

Invisalign also gave us the opportunity to win fantastic prizes. I can't wait to share more news with you later on in the weeks to come!!

December 2011

I became the mother of a ten year old. Wait...I didn't adopt a ten year old, my son, for whom I birthed, turned ten this year. It was bittersweet. I was sad that he was leaving single digits only to approach the soon-to-be teenage years. But, I was excited for all the excitement the future holds for this brilliant child. 

I'll speak for him when I say his birthday, and Christmas, were phenomenal. Toys to test, review, and keep before the holidays arrived. Everything, and more, received on his birthday and Christmas wish lists (including a trip to NYC). A trip to Gaylord National (thanks to Washington Flyer) to relax after all the hoopla. Attended a Maryland Terrapins basketball game (you can never start scoping out colleges too soon). And he had enough attention, hugs, kisses, and blessings to last a lifetime.

...now it's on to 2012. 

I haven't decided the direction I'm going to take with her just yet. She is in a delicate state having just left a relationship with 2011. The two can hardly part– there has to be baggage carried over.

What I am certain of is the possibilities and the opportunities. I am living proof that they do exist and can be mine for the taking. I just have to give it my all and be willing to acquire the necessary dedication it takes to maintain this pace of passion. 

And while I am constantly feeling the pressures of those around me saying that I spend too much time on the computer, to that I say: I know. It was worth every minute.

Watch out world. Here. I. Come.
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