You ARE Beautiful...No Matter What THEY Say!

I don't wear make-up unless I'm going out.
I've found a way to make sweatpants look chic.
My smile is far from perfect, as well as my life.
I can be a little messy at times– literally and figuratively.
I constantly struggle with my weight.
My emotions run high...too high.
I can be quite stubborn at times.
I need motivation to complete some of life's simplest tasks.

Still, I'm beautiful!

If someone asked me what makes me beautiful, I would have to say my sense of humor. The ability to laugh in life, at myself, and make others join in. Without this BEAUTY, I do not know if I would have made it this far.

Lately, all I keep hearing are stories of bullying. Children are taking their lives. Parents are ignoring the signs. Society is not taking action. I don't know if bullying will ever end, but we must start building the hope and esteem of those around us.

Bullies are hurt people. And you know what they say about that– "hurt people, hurt, people"!

What would happen if the we all told each other the BEAUTY we possessed? Then inner, the outer, the whole package. Would it help?

Something that isn't so beautiful? My singing face. LOL! Sorry for the late warning. But I'll never stop. That's the BEAUTY of being me!!

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