The True Story of Puss 'n Boots Review


Last night, I tagged along to the movie theater with Kaden and his aunt to see Puss in Boots in 3D. I was a third wheel on their date, but I "buttered" them up by buying a large popcorn, an ICEE, and Raisinets. It was a great way to finish off the weekend.

I didn't really go into the movies with any expectations. I'm no super movie critic. I either like what I'm watching, or I don't. As it turns out, Puss in Boots received two thumbs up from me.

I cannot say the same for The True Story of Puss 'n Boots starring William Shatner. Before I go into further detail, take a look at the Trailer.

The True Story of Puss'N Boots

GENRE: Family, Animated

CAST: William Shatner (Star Trek, Boston Legal), Yolande Moreau (Amélie)

DIRECTOR: Jérôme Deschamps, Pascal Hérold

PRODUCER: Pascal Hérold

SYNOPSIS: A young farmer's son inherits a strange talking cat with magical boots. With his cunning wit, Puss helps him win the heart of the Princess while battling devious suitors that are after the throne.
Here are the good, bad, and ugly:

I'm 100% certain that the voice used for Puss is what turned me off from the beginning. It was quite annoying. I tried blocking the voice out of my head, but that was kind of hard to do because Puss is the main character. Everyone is used to hearing the sultry voice of Antonio Banderas. So, this was a huge letdown from the start of the movie.

I also did not like Puss's costume. The boots are somewhat of a character in their own. In this movie, Puss wears an outfit that covers up his entire body– boots, jeans, belt, shirt, and a bandana. It takes away from the idea that this is a cat. Instead, it comes across as a person who is dressed in a cat costume. Having just seen the movie in theaters, I can say that simplicity works better. Having just a pair of black boots and a hat were enough.

I understand why the boots were red in The True Story of Puss 'n Boots. Because they are considered magical, it was nice to have them stand out and not just be a plain pair of black boots. So, this was a great idea.

The singing from the Princess was a bit annoying at times.

The graphics were pretty good. Not too grainy, but not as fluid as the movie theater version.

It was hard to follow the plot. It took awhile for the action to start. And even then, it was hard to keep my attention. My 9-year-old son was like, "I don't want to watch this." 

It's going to be hard to beat the movie theater version. There are the big names involved, the picture, the plot, and the experience. I laughed the entire time while I was at the movies. It was entertaining and I understood it. I can't say the same for this version.

I wouldn't say this is the worst movie adaptation I've ever seen, but it is not something I would waste my money on spending. However, if you would like to judge for yourself, The True Story of Puss 'n Boots can be watched in it's entirety for a 24 hour period on Youtube for $2.99. Click here for details.

Somethings are better left alone. No need to ruin it if there is already greatness that exists.

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