So Long, Soccer!

I'm crushed. I may no longer be able to claim the title "soccer mom". Kaden said he's over it. I can't blame the kid. He seems to not only take one for the team, but two, three, and four.

The past two seasons haven't been the best. There are several factors contributing to this observation. I'll spare you the details. Sometimes speaking or even writing the words gets me all worked up.

Most people take their video camera to the field to capture moments of their child on the field. I take my video camera to capture complete unfairness from the referees and attacks from the other team against my child.

After playing a particular team this year, I receive a message from one of our parents telling me that they overheard a child on the opposing team say, "When #1 comes near me, I'm suppose to fake like he kicked me and hold my leg so we get the call."

What a pathetic way to play sports.

Of course, I was furious. I couldn't believe a child would say or do something like this. Even more so, where did he get the idea from? The coach? A parent? Who knows? But dealing with this particular team and their dirty ways makes me believe that anything is possible.

When it was time to play them again, I put it out of my head, but kept an eye out for their "scheme". Let's just say, they didn't let me down. Check out this video of one of the players faking like Kaden kicked his knee really hard, holding it, and waiting for a call, which he did not get.


You can hear that I'm visibly upset on the video. I could not believe he said it AND did it. I loved his performance. Notice how he got right up when he realized the referee didn't call it. 

I took it very personal.
Soccer is a sport. It can be fun, but it does get competitive. Frankly, I think if you can't find a way to have fun and be competitive, well, sports aren't for you. I can't stand it when people don't want to win or don't try their hardest. If and when Kaden does this, I ask him if he wants to play anymore. Most of the time he says he does. Yesterday, the answer was different.

Kaden is over soccer!

Kaden has been playing organized sports since he was four. We've always enjoyed going to the games, cheering the team on, and celebrating victories while working harder on loses. It's always been a team effort both on and off the field. Somewhere along the lines, things shifted. But, things change. People change. Change is...change.

I'm not sure how he'll feel about soccer next season, but for now he is content with not playing.

We're very excited for basketball season. We've never had any problems. Love the coach, the game, and the people.

There are several lessons to teach Kaden about this year's soccer season. The first one is to always be true to yourself.

Ian and I are so proud of this little guy. He's been amazing and has handled a lot of things that most children his age have never had to go through.

To all the referees, nasty parents, and horrible coaches that treated my child badly this year, here's what I have to say: NO ONE PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER...unless it's for a (corner) kick!

So long, soccer!

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