Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles $1 Off Coupon plus Giveaway ~CLOSED

"Kaden, what would you like to eat?!"


This has been his response for as long as I can remember. He doesn't give you specifics. No mentions of his favorite sauce, meat to include, or special cheese to sprinkle on top. His love for "noodles" leaves him open to a variety of possibilities. Thank goodness there are brands like Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles to meet all of his needs.
For nearly 100 years, Pennsylvania Dutch has continued a longstanding noodle tradition.

Pennsylvania Dutch remains a valued and trusted brand for today's modern family. With a delicious selection of noodles, ranging from Fine to Extra Broad, you'll find the perfect noodle to satisfy everyone.

Check out this Noodle Knowledge:
  • Many believe that the first noodles came from the Middle East in 5000 B.C.
  • The Far East is also credited as a hot-spot in noodle evolution. As early as 300 B.C., the Chinese used whole grain paste to make a noodle-type food.
  • 200 years later, China's neighbor, Japan, began using buckwheat noodles as a staple of their tea ceremonies.
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I am not the best cook. If practice makes perfect, well call me completely flawed. I guess I should at least stand in the kitchen for starters. It's kind of hard when you're surrounded by such great cooks who mysteriously decline your help while preparing a meal. **scratches head

One thing's for sure– I do know how to cook Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles. If I'm being completely honest, I started using them because of the packaging. It caught my eye on the grocery store shelf. If it were a library I would be guilty of judging this book by its cover. Luckily, the inside content is even more wonderful.

Here's the deal: ‘Like’ them at to receive a coupon for $1.00 off two packages of Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles while supplies last.

With the holidays just around the corner and creating the perfect meal on everyone's mind, I have just the giveaway for you.

A year's worth of Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles*

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*Based on a family of four. Offer consists of 24 FREE packages of Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles coupons. The promotion is available only to residents in (the area of) New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Hartford/New Haven, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Albany who are 18+. Giveaway shipments will be coordinated and paid for by Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles. Contest ends on 11/20. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to email. Please leave a valid form of contact in your entry. Your mailing address cannot be a P.O. Box.

I received 24 coupons to purchase packages of Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles. There was no monetary compensation for writing this post. The opinions and views are my own. Maybe now I will cook a little more. Who wants noodles? I bet Kaden does! 
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