Invisalign Straight Talk w/ Dmitry Chaplin #INVStraightTalk

Say cheese! I was one of several DC area bloggers who attended the Invisalign Straight Talk event, held at Hotel George on November 12, 2011. That's me on the right, in all my closed-eyes glory.

The night started off with a bang. I brought along my SIL, Kinsey (@SoooDK), to join in on the fun. Walking into a room filled with a few familiar faces, like the fabulous hostesses Jennifer (Hip As I Wanna Be) and Amanda (Parenting by Dummies), was a clear indication that the night would be amazing.

The fun not only happened offline, but there was tons of online fun as well. Using the hashtag,
#INVStraightTalk, attendees shared their knowledge of Invisalign, answered trivia questions, and completed various challenges for raffle tickets. I answered a question correctly, and won a gift bag with dental products and an gift card. Holla!

Of course there was food and drinks. That's the only way we could possibly keep our mouths shut for longer than 30 seconds. You know what happens when you put several women in a room together. Silence is never an option. Laughter is highly contagious. The unexpected is expected. Always!

I will have to argue that I sat at the best table that night. I met Robin from Not Ever Still (blk./wht. shirt) and was able to see Amy from Teach Mama (to my left) again. Amy's friends were hilarious. Let me just sum it up: Eminem ringtone, Invisalign "grills", and commentary. It's a good thing we sat in the back.

photo courtesy of The Chatty Momma
I finally met Tonia, a.k.a. The Chatty Momma, in real life. She was very pleasant. Her mom was also very sweet. I saw some of my Twitter 'friends' like @TechSavvyMama, @JanineNickel, @ThienKim. I was bummed that I never got the chance to snap a picture with fellow Chevy Girls Lara (@dipaolamomma), Jill (@musingsfromme), and Lolli (@1momof5). 

After listening to a presentation from the doctor, I felt I had even more knowledge of the effectiveness and benefits of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. A few of the facts that I remember are:
  • Patients who wear braces visit the doctor's office every 6 weeks. Invisalign wearers visit every 10 weeks. 
  • Insurance DOES cover the cost of Invisalign.
  • If you are told you are not a candidate for Invisalign, always seek the advice from another provider.
  • Invisalign does NOT contain BPA (Bisphenol-A)
But enough of the straight talk. It was time to get 'curvy' with Dmitry Chaplin, a professional dancer who appeared on ABC's Dancing with the Stars. He wasted no time breaking out in a choreographed number. And we wasted no time cheering him on.

After watching Dmitry shake his "bon bon" and move his hips, we were somehow convinced to try our hands, or rather feet, at the salsa. Step by step, Dmitry delivered basic movements to a crowd of eager women waiting to show off their moves. The doctor and one of the Invisalign teens even got in on the action.


We walked away with answers to our questions, cameras filled with memories, and perfect smiles...or at least the knowledge on how to get them perfect.

There was no question about it. The Invisalign event was a blast. Straight. Up!

Disclosure Information
I attended a Straight Talk event hosted by Invisalign in DC at Hotel George. #INVStraightTalk. The opinions and views are my own (as well as the words and actions) and do not reflect the sponsor. For more disclosure details, visit

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