How was your Halloween?

I look scary most mornings when I wake up. The irony is that I used Halloween as a reason to get glam. Scratches head.

Friday: I attended a Halloween party. I was suppose to go as this...

Instead, I dressed as a 1920s Flapper. Both costumes were from

Saturday: I spent the day with my cousin and her boyfriend (Ian and my high school friend). I got a glimpse of my little cousin's Monster High costume.

She and Kaden made treats and fought played all day. Check out her pumpkin on the table.

Kaden was a bit indecisive this year for his costume. He finally decided on a phantom get-up from Walmart. We did have fun searching at Spirit Halloween, though.

Monday: I attended Kaden's Halloween parade and party at school.

Later that night, we went Trick or Treating with our little cousins.

There was no homework that night, but Kaden's math teacher suggested they sort their treats for fun.

I don't know about you, but I'm glad it's all over and done. Now, onto Christmas. Oh wait, Thanksgiving comes first.
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