(God) Parenting Fail: Keep Your Head Up, Mariah!

Show me the perfect parent and I'll show you the door. Don't let it hit you on the way out. In my opinion, there is no such thing as perfection when it comes to parenting. I view it more as a trial-and-error type of role.

Every now and then, there comes a moment when you have to laugh at the events that occur in your life. Heck, I have one of these "moments" more often than never. On a daily basis, if you ask me. 

Take this, for instance. On the way back from an adventurous day of Iyana getting her ears pierced, Mariah fell asleep. Somehow, some way, she managed to work her arms around the seat belt. She was no longer completely strapped in.

I noticed this constant movement in my rear-view mirror. It was Mariah. I had no clue this is what Ian would capture:

Isn't this hilarious and wrong at the same time? I love her determination to stay asleep and keep her head up. Don't worry, we stopped to fix her positioning in the seat belt. She didn't like it one bit.

While most people will view this video and get a little chuckle, there is always that small group of people who will be appalled.

"How could she let her flop all over the place like that?" 
"This is not safe."
"Where is this child's seat belt?"

Take a chill pill, peeps. Life happens. Besides, I've heard countless stories of my relatives growing up with like twenty people in one car...with no carseats or seat belts. Needless to say, they survived. Of course we've done our research and realized this wasn't the smartest thing to do. Still, no reason to go all psycho.

Remember, carseat and seat belt safety are very important. You don't have to be perfect or a parent to know this. Buckle up. It's the law!

There. You happy now?!

Sleeping stock photo by www.pixmac.com
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