You're so Dramatic. It's ONLY Poison Ivy!

I could do a lot of things to get attention.

Pose for Playboy magazine (scary!).
Swerve in and out of traffic like a maniac (been there).
Dye my hair a bright shade of pink (does Kool-Aid red count?).
Fake my own death (Rachel Zoe, I die!).
Change my name to Metta World Peace (speechless).

The list of possibilities is quite endless.

However, I would never, EVER say that I have something such as Poison Ivy in order to get attention (I would go with something more internal, that didn't require physical proof...ya know?).

Who in their right (or left) mind would want to lay in bed at night because their face, neck, eyes, and chest are burning from a hideous rash? Not I.

Why would anyone want to hide from the sun because the heat causes irritation to the skin? Not I.

Would any of you want to look like this?

Yeah. Didn't think so?

Regardless of how painless this LOOKS to you, it's not.

I've tried natural scrubs, Benadryl, and nothing at all in hopes that it would alleviate some of the pain. I have been unsuccessful.

People are starting to stare and it's not because of my fabulous earrings from T.J. Maxx.

While there are times that I would proudly wear the Drama Queen crown, this is not one of them.

I'm hoping for a speedy recovery so that I can go back to my normal, blemished, adult-acne canvas of a face. Wish me luck, eh?!

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