Tiny Prints Holiday 2011 Christmas Cards...for a birthday?

Fun Filled Christmas - Black
Kaden will hit double-digits when his birthday rolls around in December. For the last couple of years we've been having small gatherings to celebrate his day, so this year I promised him that he could have a party.

Me and my big mouth. 

What was once considered a curse to be born on or near Christmas Day, is now a blessing. If you ask Kaden, I'm sure he'd tell you the perks aren't so bad. Gifts on his birthday. Gifts on Christmas. It's a win-win situation...for him.

With a party, comes tons of preparation. The list of needs and wants is almost as long as a Christmas list. There's decorations, cake, food, date and time, activities, and most importantly, the invite. Dun dun dunnnnnnn...
Ornament Delight (Aloe)

Stranded Snowman (Red Lantern)

An invitation makes the first impression for your event. It gives the recipient a sneak peak on what to expect at your party by using certain color schemes, themes, or personal pictures. This doesn't always hold true for the invitation. Some people go for a cool idea or something memorable that will convince the invitee that they MUST attend your party. Either way, choosing an invitation is an important step in planning any event.

What if you could double a Tiny Prints Holiday 2011 Christmas Card as an invitation to a December birthday party?

Well, that is what we're doing for Kaden's big day.

Take a look at me browsing the Tiny Prints website for ideas:

As you can see, there are a lot of choices and decisions to make. Price, orientation, size, color, wording, etc. are all factors to consider while personalizing your holiday card.

I could probably eliminate some of my choices by asking the birthday boy himself. Now that he's in the nothing-mom-says-is-cool phase, this could be a disaster. I'll give it a go and see what happens.

I'm sure whatever WE decide on, it will make a big impression.

**I will receive 50 complimentary holiday cards for writing this post, thanks to Tiny Prints. There was no monetary compensation provides. The opinions and views are my own.

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