Remind Me What You Do All Day!

12:01 PM

I work for Juice in the City. I'll use the word "work" lightly because I have the flexibility to perform most tasks and duties from home. The power of social networking is great, I tell ya!

Juice in the City is a daily deals site that caters to moms, their families, and friends. As a Local Business Consultant (my official title), I am responsible for finding the greatest and most appealing deals in the community. I've always been a supporter of my area, so I think this is the perfect opportunity for me.

Juice in the City focuses on QUALITY over QUANTITY. Yes, we want the businesses we work with to sell a lot of deals. But it's more important to us that we supply repeat customers to that business. We want the relationship to continue after the deal has been used.

The best part about working with Juice in the City is that you can be your own boss. I decide how much I want to work each day (one day I pulled over 10 hours because it was so fun finding businesses), when I want to work, and how much effort to put in. Sure, I have a few people above me, but they are simply there to guide me, provide support and encouragement, and answer any questions I may have in order to be successful.

And the pay isn't too shabby, either. The amount of income potential is totally up to you and how dedicated you are to bringing great deals to your community.

I work for the Baltimore market, which will launch soon. If you want to get a head start on the deals, SUBSCRIBE to the site now so that you receive an email when we launch.

You can also follow JITCBaltimore on Twitter and Juice in the City Baltimore on Facebook. We aren't officially 'live' yet, so things may be a little quiet for awhile. However, feel free to check out some of the daily deals in the recently-launched Washington, D.C. market.

There are a lot of daily deal sites out there. In fact, I think I heard a number like 500+. You have to make the decision based on what works for you. If the deal fits, buy it. There really is room for everyone. I just love the idea that Juice in the City employs locals who know their community and are thrilled to support it.

Keep an eye out for one of my deals to appear when the Baltimore area launches. If you think you have what it takes to be a Local Business Consultant, or now someone who does, visit: Tell them, "Keonté sent me!"

I'll be posting the daily deals from both the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore markets on my blog.

If you own a business, or know of any business that would make a great fit, email me at You can also fill out THIS FORM, and I will get back to you either way.

Go! Find a great deal. What great bargain are you sippin' on today?

*I was not required to post this information. There was no compensation for writing this. As mentioned, I am a Local Business Consultant for Juice in the City. I just wanted to share my excitement. 
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