Punk'd and Pranked...There's an App for That!

Ever since Kaden's friend showed him a video where he is completely frightened by an "innocent" app, Kaden has been victimizing everyone in the family.

The object of the game is to watch a sequence of numbers flash across the screen. You are to memorize the first number so that you can compare it to the second number. If they match, select YES. If they do not match, select NO. This continues for, I think, three rounds. Just when you're about to select your answer for the last round, a scary image pops up on the screen. It is hideous...to me anyway.

The video is by The911BOSS1. It's Kaden's friend and he is quite the character. I enjoy watching his videos.

Kaden tried it on me and I nearly leaped out of the chair. I don't do well with surprises, being startled, and scary things. The last time I went to a haunted house was years ago. I vowed never to return again (although I do want to go to the Six Flags Fright Fest). My heart can't take it.

After pulling the prank on me, Kaden proceeded to get his grandfather. He jumped a bit.

Next, Kaden pranked his Dad. There's no surprise that he wasn't the least bit scared. He laughed. Party-pooper.

Finally, Kaden decided to lower the age range and go after his cousins who are close in age to him. Here is what happened:

Isaiah gives it a try:


Saniyah gives it a try:

It's really fun to watch the different reactions of everyone. They are all on a different level.

I can only imagine how Ashton Kutcher felt during each prank he pulled on his famous television series on MTV called PUNK'D.

There's something about being scared that makes you laugh. Just don't get too scared. You may wind up with tears running down your...legs.

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