Mama Needs a Vacation and Votes for the Chevy Contest

I always vow to never enter voting contests. The fact of the matter is, they're never going away. Besides, this one is for a great cause that I stand behind. Chevrolet is celebrating their 100th birthday and want to present an $800 Expedia travel gift card to one, lucky person (in separate markets). I entered, of course. Let me tell you about this photo (more like humor you).

My digital camera is missing. So, I had to use the camera on my phone. Because there was no one around to assist me, I installed a self-timer app and made a trusty tri-pod to hold the camera.

I even used my FlipShare camera because I know it has the ability to create still shots if you use their software. I missed having my personal photographer (Kaden) to help me. Watch as I stage my picture to look like I'm holding a balloon.And what's with the pouty lip? I think the sun in my eyes made me moody. Go figure!


With the clock ticking on the deadline, I quickly threw on a festive dress and got to work. $800 is a lot of money to plan a trip. I figured why not go all out. Here is what I'm wearing in my picture:

Before the edits

After the edits

Getting closer

The picture I submitted

"Roll out the red carpet for this wonderful celebration"
The idea for the picture is that I'm waiting to attend Chevrolet's 100th birthday party. The title of the picture is: All Dressed Up...With Somewhere to Go.

If you're on Facebook, voting has officially begun on the Baltimore Chevy Girls page. You can choose your favorite entry and share it on your wall to convince others to participate. 

You may also notice another entry submitted by Kinsey Harvey. It's of her adorable nephew (my son). We wanted to increase our chances of winning. This mama is no fool. We ALL need a vacation. Trust me. 


If you want to vote for: All Wrapped up in a Bowtie, please do. This is the one time I don't mind my son beating me at a competition.

As mentioned in the beginning, this is a voting contest. You know the deal. Even if you like a certain picture, it all depends on the amount of votes you receive. Haven't you been watching Dancing with the Stars? How the heck did Kristin Cavallari get sent home before Nancy Grace? Oh, I know...votes. Or in Nancy's case, a few threats of legal action. Whatever works for ya. 

I'm going to go a simple route and just encourage you to vote. Not just for me (although I would love for you to), but for anyone in the competition.

And just like the presidential elections, you can't complain if you don't vote. 

Hop on over to the Baltimore Chevy Girls page on Facebook and vote for your favorite picture. You can vote for EACH ENTRY ONCE PER DAY. Set a reminder to do so between October 26 and November 3.

Thank you in advance...or not! He he.

Disclosure: I am a Baltimore Chevy Girl on-the-go. This does not increase my chances of winning. Voting will determine that. I was not required to write this post or enter the contest. All opinions and views are my own. But I really do need a vacation...

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