I Don't Workout. I Dance...to Beyonce.

I hate working out. It's part of the reason I wanted to get a Wii when they first came out. I thought I could incorporate a little hopping and running in place movement into my daily routine and call it a workout. I'm blowing dust off the Wii Fit as we speak.

Now, I've moved on to PlayStation Move. I just received the new Everybody Dance video in the mail the other day. My friends and I are going to try it out.

Anyone who knows me knows that dancing has always been apart of my life. I'll break out in dance at the craziest times to relieve tension or to lighten the mood. It's an universal language.

What I wanted to show you is what goes on behind the computer screen, whenever I'm not responding to e-mails, on a conference call, writing a blog post, or wasting my life away.

Warning: This is real. No actors, no make-up, no stylist...no shower. Watch at your own risk.

Go ahead. Start dancing.

Beyonce's Countdown can be found here.
ballet_7246 stock photo by www.pixmac.com

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