Funny Find: The Book Fair

For the most part, I have the perfect child.

He listens, most of the time.
He's hilarious (I'll take credit for some of this).
He's an independent worker.
And, he loves to read (I won't take credit for this).

But, he's also an only-child who often gets everything he wants and needs.

Take last week for instance.

I woke up to a seemingly pouty lip. As any parent would do, under extreme obligation to a pouting child, I asked, "What's wrong NOW, Kaden?"

"Nothing." He walks away.

Forward to 10 minutes before we're ready to leave the house. I turn to find Kaden in the doorway of my bedroom browsing a Scholastic Book Fair flyer and eying a few items on the page. I could hear a few "awww man" and "cool", interjected with frequent sighs.

So, I did what any parent would do, under extreme obligation to a pouting child, I asked, "What's wrong AGAIN, Kaden?"

"I wanted to get A (meaning 1) book from the book fair today."

I ignored him. I can't believe this child has the nerve to ask for anything. We had just paid for registration fees for a soccer tournament, a t-shirt for him to participate in a special walk, and surely a Subway sandwich (or 3) here and there. I know those are all great things, but who did he think he was?

We leave for school.

The entire car ride was silent, but just as he reaches for the door handle to relieve himself of having to share air with the meanest mom in the world, I turn and hand him an envelope.

"All I have is a $20 bill and some change. Get the one book you said you wanted. And try to use the change for tax so you can get back an even amount. Okay?"

His eyes lit up. "Okay, Mommy!"

He raced up the stairs to the school's entrance.

I'm such a sucker.
It's the end of the school day. I'm waiting in line to pick Kaden up from school. He hops in the car.

"Hey Kaden. How was school? Did you bring me back my change?"

"Hey! Good. Awww man. I thought you said I could use it all."

My neck snaps as I turn my head. This boy has done it again. He knew goodness well I told him to only get ONE book.

"So, did you use the whole $20?"

He pauses, then responds. "No. I used $19."

I was speechless, but what could I say. He HADN'T used the entire $20. Still, those weren't the instructions I gave him. This was a lesson about following directions. And this was NOT the first time we've had this situation with the book fair.

He hands over the envelope, and this is what was inside.

A $1 bill and the change I gave him to use toward taxes.
Today, when I was cleaning out my purse, I came across this receipt from the Scholastic Book Fair.

Total Due: $19.05 CASH: $20.05 Change Due: -1.00
See, he does some parts of what I say. He used the coins for taxes to get back an even amount of change.

I had to chuckle.

I really do have a great child. He wins again!

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