Breast Friends Forever with @EdenFantasys {mature post}

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Remember the day when you looked down at your once-flat shirt and noticed that there was something a little bit different? Instead of being able to get a straight shot down to your feet, the view was suddenly obstructed by two, little bumps.

Eventually those bumps became hills.
Then, those hills became mountains.
For some people, those mountains became...well, you get the point.

We are now in the middle of October and breast cancer awareness continues to be the topic of discussion. What made us as all giddy inside as little girls should continue as women.

What are you doing to make your breast happy?
Are you breast friends with your body?
Have you had a mammogram?
Does everything feel okay?

If you are a bit uncomfortable with your body or need something to help you get closer to your body, here are a few items from to help you out. They're fun...and PINK! {all pics courtesy of EdenFantasys}
Heart shaped breast massagers - $29.99
Dual breast exerciser - $19.99

Breast balm - $29.99

Tickling bra - $59.99
Surely this is not the proper way to check for lumps in your breast. But, discovery is the only way to, well, discover. Whatever tools or equipment make it easier for a woman to become well-acquainted with her body, I'm down for them.

Breasts are beautiful.
They come in all shapes, sizes, and sadly, lengths and widths.
They are a source of nourishment to a child.
Breasts belong to the woman they are attached to.

Own them.
Take care of them.
Be protective.
That's what breast friends are for.

**I received a gift code redeemable on the EdenFantasys website for writing this post. The opinions and views expressed are my own.

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