Wordful Wednesday - Ouch

Bees sting.
Bee stings suck.
Being allergic to bees is even worse.
Especially when you have to go throw a nearly 4-hour session of allergy testing.

Kaden waited patiently for the test to start...and studied up on all types of hornets.

More waiting. He was very patient. Thank goodness he brought along his iPod.

Time for the first prick.

Then, it was torture time.

Kaden received over 20 shots just under the skin. There were four rounds of shots approximately every fifteen minutes. It was the most painful thing a child should ever have to sit through...and a mother should have to watch. I was upset that he was upset.

Round 1

Rounds 2 & 3

Round 4

As it turns out, he's allergic to wasps and yellow jackets. Now it's allergy shots for three years until he's is no longer allergic.

I really hope this works. It effects the way he plays. Sometimes he hates going outdoors because he is afraid of being stung again. I don't blame the little fella.

I just want him to feel like this again:

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