Wordful Wednesday - No Mo' Hawks

January was a rough month for our family. After losing my cousin to an accidental and sudden death, we also had to deal with the death of Kaden and Ian's barber.

For those of you who don't understand the importance of having a great barber, it's quite simple. They have the power to make you look fabulous, or foolish. One slip of the clippers and it could cost you your manhood...or just your ego.

We never had that problem with Mr. Brown. His cuts were always on point. He took his time. He perfected his craft. He cared. And he gave Kaden a treat when he was all done.

Since his passing, we've been going to a new barber. It's still taking some time getting used to him...and the atmosphere. I miss going to Moon's Barber Shop, winner of the Steve Harvey 2011 Hoodie Award for Best Barbershop.

Sadly, or not, there will be No. Mo'. Hawks (translation: no more Mohawks). No one could come close to Mr. Brown's work:

We could always go back to this look:


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