What's a Daddy Yong Yeg?


I need a translator. Iyana says the cutest things, but I can barely understand what she's saying. Thank goodness I have her sister, Mariah, as a baby whisperer. She can tell you exactly, word-for-word, what her chatty sibling is saying.

Good for her!

Yesterday, we went outside to play a bit before the rain ruined the fun. Iyana immediately noticed a group of Daddy Yong Yegs under the deck. If you don't know what these little creatures are, here's a bit of information (from bugs.com):
Cellar spiders, often called daddy long legs, are gray to light brown in color. They have a very thin shape and are fragile spiders. With their legs expanded they appear much larger than they actually are.

Interesting Facts
There is an urban legend stating that daddy long legs spiders have the most potent venom of any spider, but that their fangs are either too small or too weak to puncture human skin. They do have a short fang structure, but their venom is not known to be toxic to humans.
In this one instance, I understood what Iyana was talking about because I had a visual. I just thought it was cute how she pronounced, Daddy Long Legs, so I tried to get her to say it repeatedly. Of course, we had the assistance of the baby whisperer. Thanks, Mariah!

And the kicker: Iyana blows all the Daddy Yong Yegs on us. Ewww. I responded like a little girl. Take a look:

I have no problem picking these little creatures up by their legs and tossing them to a more inviting place. But, there's not denying that they are creepy.

If you happen to see a group of them like this, use your LONG LEGS and start running. Gross!!

**photo credit: Bugs.com

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