Walk it Out

As much as I complain about soccer– the costs, practice, driving...everything– I really do love it. It's one of those sports that never lacks action and is constantly in motion. And I'm using that to my advantage this year.

Being a soccer mom has it's perks (sort of). I have been walking at each one of Kaden's practices. I'm trying to build a healthier lifestyle (trust me, I need to take care of my body). I walk around the soccer field, jog on the local roads, and stroll through the near-by neighborhood for the sake of health...and sanity.

It's kind of hypocritical yelling at my child from the sideline, demanding he pick up the pace, when I'm just sitting there on my butt (most likely tweeting). Practice what you preach, mom.

I did. 
And I am. 

That's why I kicked it into gear.

Walking is allowing me to focus on myself. I get to spend quality time with the voices inside my head. You know the ones that remind you of all the things you still have to do for week? Yeah, those!

Walking also distracts me from a few things that bother me at the field– a particular parent, mosquitoes, spitting.  Kaden probably loves the idea of me focusing on something else besides him. From time to time as I'm circling the field, I like to send out a quick reminder that "I'm still here" by shouting something random. Like all parents do. Right?

I tend to think I'm an honorary coach, putting in my two cents about a sport I know absolutely nothing about. There's a ball, you kick it,  and hopefully score. What else is there to know?

While my skills at coaching soccer are less than acceptable, I do one thing for sure: Both Kaden and I will be making and meeting goals this season. His are going IN the net, mine is going AROUND the net...as I walk the field.

I haven't been as consistent as I would like to be, but a little moderation will hopefully go a long way. I am in no condition to run a marathon or consider myself an Olympic hopeful, but I am dabbling with the possibility of entering a race one day. Baby steps.

My view from the sideline has always been picture perfect. But my view into the future is even more pleasant.

Here's to a healthy heart, a winning season...and socHER. Walk it out, my friends. Walk it out!

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