Siameze Floyd is an Old Friend...and has the #XFactor

My friend's caption to this picture on FB is:
"Vernon = FIERCE. Nobody else was ready...but he was, LOL"
Credit: Tiffany (@msneal2424)

This post HAD to be written. In fact, while I type these words, I'm going over a particular performance from last night's X Factor that premiered on Fox.

Two words: Siameze Floyd.

I just arrived home from soccer practice when I noticed a tweet from my cousin:

I quickly replied with this:

Within minutes of his performance, a link was posted on Youtube. I watched with my mouth opened, partly because I hadn't seen him since our senior year. He had gone on to chase his dreams as a performer. Let's just say he must have caught up with them. I mean, the X Factor? Sitting in front of Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid? That's huge!

I watched the video to confirm:

 ...and this was my response after watching:

And the rest is HIStory...literally.

Some of his performance may have been for television, but this is NOT an act. Siameze has always been a performer and is no stranger to the stage, thanks to his talented parents. When we were in dance class, he barely missed a beat, could turn like nobody's business and came up with the most unique choreography. I remember days when he would demonstrate a move to the class and we would sit there with a look on our face like, "Huh? What? We're supposed to do that?"

Southern High Dance Company in Miami, FL (credit @msneal2424)
 We were blessed to have such an amazing dance teacher in high school (shot out to Patty J). She brought out the best in everyone and allowed us to explore our own creative avenues. Siameze was no different. He was able to express himself openly in those walls of the dance room. It was all "normal" to us (you know how dancers are).

Part of me wants to continue to see him on the show. The other part of me wants to know how in the world he made it through. Sure there's something there, but it was a little MUCH in some parts. Then, I thought of the obvious: it's good for ratings.

If you were to Google "Siameze Floyd", you would easily come up with several links to his performance. If you do a search on Twitter, people are STILL buzzing about him today. Heck, I watched the video a few times today.

I'm not sure how far Vernon will go on the X Factor, but I do know that this will not be the last you hear or see of him.

And might I add how fabulous his hair looked on the show.

Now, I'm off to find some old dance footage so I can sell it to, "Before They Were Stars". LOL!

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