I Was Once a Video Girl


Call me a groupie. I don't mind. Stalker and/or creep may even be fitting. Go for it. I could have easily earned these titles back in the 90s when the super popular boy band, Immature, was all any adolescent girl could think about.

I. Was. Obsessed.

This Los Angeles-based, three-man band was comprised of Marques "Batman" Houston, Jerome "Romeo" Jones, and Kelton "LDB" Kessee. All born 1981. I was in love with Batman {even more so when his character made it on the hit show Sister, Sister} Finally, an age-appropriate crush!

My cousin (Yolanda) and I were the ultimate fans. We kept their songs on repeat, even sitting directly in front of the speakers while belting out all the lyrics to their songs. To this day, "Never Lie" is still a great song, in a teeny-bopper-who-is-in-love sort of way. I am almost certain I've listened to that song over a hundred times.

And let's not forget my wall. I'm not sure if it was an act of rebellion or excitement, but I had posters and magazine cut-outs plastered everywhere. Marques Houston was my favorite, so I strategically placed his poster just above my bed so that he'd be the last person I saw at night. It was quite an obsession. Squeal!!

In the summer of 1995, my cousin won us the opportunity to attend a video shoot for Immature's "Feel the Funk", featured on the Dangerous Minds soundtrack. We were given a 'secret location' and time to show up. All that night, I could barely sleep.

What would I wear? 
How would I do my hair? 
Would I get to meet them? 
Will I stop breathing if I do meet them?

I was a mess.

When the morning arrived, my cousin and I were thrilled. We showered, got dressed, and stared in the mirror making sure we looked our best. I'm not sure that turned out so well. For some reason I remember rocking a side ponytail and an awful get-up. It was so, well, 90s.

We were obviously too young to drive, so my aunt (my cousin's mother) drove us to Howard University. There we gathered at Greene Stadium with dozens of other video extras. There were posters and signs with messages of love. There were girls with enough lip gloss on to kiss for days. There were screams, cheers, chants, tears, nervous breakdowns. You name it, I saw it.

The kicker came when Immature emerged on the field dressed in all white. The screams were so loud, they had to speak to us using a megaphone. It was bananas (Rachel Zoe voice)!

The tunnel scene at the beginning of the video is the Howard University Greene Stadium tunnel. They must have re-done that scene take after take. No one minded, as we sat excitedly in the bleachers cheering them on.

We changed locations after the tunnel scene. We, well my aunt, had to drive to another 'secret location' to finish the rest of the video. It was near our original spot, at a mansion-esque type building. This is where it started to get good– I was chosen as one of the girls to chase the car Immature was to get out of. We were to run slowly behind a car going like 5 miles per hour. Once edited, it would look much faster. I was thrilled!

I remember the a stretcher being brought out and an ambulance truck. I didn't know if it was for the eager fans or the video shoot. As it turns out, the scene was suppose to include a fan passing out.

I made it to the cutting room floor. Hold me!

I'll never forget this experience (obviously, I remember the day so well). We were a part of history in a way. Immature used to be the hottest, boy band for girls my age. And my cousin and I were lucky enough to get up close and personal with them (not close enough, though).

Here's the final video. You won't notice my face at all, but I know I'm among those screaming fans.

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