Fresh Produce: Live Life. Enjoy Color. Review

Dress-up. It's every girls favorite thing to do, it's just that some girls are mothers...too. As we often hear (and witness), mothers don't always have a lot of time to try on fancy clothes. By 'fancy' I mean anything that causes any amount of decency...and style...and bares resemblance to fashion relevant to the twenty-first century. With this being said, there is never any excuse good enough to justify going straight for the sweatpants. Especially when they're are companies like Fresh Produce that offer comfortable, fun, and easy-to-wear clothing for women. Don't forget the FRESH!

After reading several tweets from my blogger friends, and seeing the lovely Jennifer from Hip As I Wanna Be in her dress at Monster Jam, I was overly curious to see just what this company was all about. Fresh Produce was kind enough to send me over a few pieces to try from their site. Here is what they sent:

Each piece covered all my fashion needs. If you need a:

1.) Women's tunic: try the Dreamy Wandering Tunic (sunrise)
2.) Summer capris: try the Linen Beach Pant (white)
3.) Party dresses:  try the Bali Cafe Wrap Dress (twilight)

I took all of the pieces to the beach with me. I actually wore the Dreamy Wandering Tunic to the beach, adding my own style to it by incorporating a belt and a brooch.

I totally get why these clothes are 'fresh'. They have a breathable quality to them. The items I tried were light-weight and soft. The top is 100% cotton gauze and the pants are linen. I was most impressed with the fact that I didn't have to iron anything (blame that on my no-fuss-at-the-beach approach). They also took up little to no space in my overnight bag. Hooray!

My favorite item is the Bali Cafe Wrap Dress. I think anything that wraps is always flattering. This dress does not completely wrap around. You just have to tie it on the side, so there is less of a chance you'll expose your assets.

I decided to amp up the dress just a bit by adding a leather, ruffle belt to it (I hid the strings under the belt). The dress was a grayish-blue color, but I went with a brown belt. If I were going out, I would've added a cool necklace to the mix. Instead, I opted for the minimal approach.

I would suggest adding a camisole to the dress if you're top-heavy. The neckline can be a bit risque depending on where you wear it.

For the beach, this dress worked wonders. It was casual enough to wear during the day with flip-flops and dressy enough to wear to a restaurant later in the night. Chances are if you're at the beach, you can get away with wearing casual shoes at most restaurant, but a nice heel goes well with the Bali Cafe Wrap Dress as well. I chose a strappy, brown heel. The perfect dress for travel.

The Bali Cafe Wrap Dress is available in several colors. 

Right now there is a sale taking place on the Fresh Produce website. It ends on Labor Day, September 5, so hurry. Check out a few pieces to add to your wardrobe. There are even a few dresses for little girls on the site.

If you are looking to add a bit of freshness to what feels like a 'stale' life, try-on Fresh Produce for style. Who knows, you may get to butt in the car rider line at your child's school if you showing up looking put together in an outfit from Fresh Produce.

Then again, maybe not. You'll probably just receive a bunch of stares because you actually took the time to do something great for yourself. Picture that. Ha!

**I was provided complimentary items to review from Fresh Produce. There was no monetary compensation for writing this post. The opinions and views are my own.

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