Beyonce's Lingerie is Luring Me to EdenFantasys

8:19 AM
This post is for a mature audience. I'd hate to define "mature", but let's go with 18+. While the topic covered is not explicit, some of the products mentioned are not be appropriate for a young reader. In other words, skip this post and read another. 

On Saturday at approximately 8:12 PM, I headed to the EdenFantasys website to inquire about lingerie. Having just viewed Beyonce's video premiere of "1+1", I felt a sudden urge to feel girly (and visit the gym). As I would discover the following day in a clever reveal at the MTV Video Music Awards, Beyonce not only used her lingerie-clad videos to lure in viewers. She was making an investment in her future with the announcement that she and husband, rapper Jay-Z, are expecting a baby (happy dance). Guess that lingerie came off at some point over the last few months. 

Coincidentally, EdenFantasys was offering a discount of 30% off selected Sexy Lingerie and Costumes (Halloween is just around the As mentioned above, my attempt to explore was cut short because of Hurricane Irene's attack on the East Coast this pass weekend. Just as I began my search for a similar animal print ensemble and lacy number such as the ones Beyonce wore in her videos, POOF, lights out!

Beyonce wearing lingerie in her two, latest videos

I wasn't looking to "dress the part" as Beyonce does in her videos, but I did find a few pieces that could easily double for work...or play (not all pieces are a part of the 30% sale).

all images courtesy of

I've talked about this topic before on my blog. But, there's something about "undergarment candy" that makes you feel just a bit more special throughout the day. Some of these pieces can double as a camisole under a business suit. I call that, "risky business". It's a secret you can keep completely to yourself.

You can even brighten a friends day by sending a surprise gift. I recently shared my EdenFantasys perks with a friend. She told me that her husband would be delighted! Glad I could help create some magic for them.

So, let me hear it. Do you like wearing lingerie? What's your lingerie style? 

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

**I received a gift code redeemable on the EdenFantasys website for writing this post. The opinions and views expressed are my own.

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