I need to scream.
Let IT all out.
I'm hurting inside.
I'm running out of room.
There's no more space left for all this pain.

Slowly, I'm climbing closer to the edge of this plateau I've been on.
Tip-toeing around desperation in order to avoid it leaving any more wounds.
I glance over the edge only to find a range of emotions peering back at me.


But I don't want to look any longer.

This is not what I hoped for.
Not the dream I envisioned.

Dare I jump?!

I'm writing another script and it will have a happy ending. 

Stop letting others hold the pencil.
They are not the authors of your story.
Take control over your book of life.

Erase what doesn't matter.
Highlight what's important.

I still want to scream.
This time, for joy!

**Corner stock photo by www.pixmac.com

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