When the Camera is Rolling

 ...how quickly we forget.

Sneaking up on me AND making fun of me. Typical day.
I used to wonder how reality TV stars could "act" the way they do while being filmed. Then I realized that it was supposed to be real life and that some people are just that animated.

While Kaden and I are far from television stars, we do have tons of moments that would make you go, "What in the world?" Often we forget the camera is rolling and all of our silly antics are captured.

The great thing about it...we don't have to act. No make-up, no grooming (and no...ahem...support obviously)...just goofing.

Yes peeps, this is us. Love us or Love us. Those are your only options.

After all, the best moments (to me) happen when no one in the world is looking. Unless you decide to post it on YouTube and your blog. Duh!

1 comment:

  1. I choose to love y'all, hehe. You have a great voice! Kaden came in there like the "Toasty" man from Mortal Kombat, lol!


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