Ocean City, MD in 12 Hours #daycation #beach

His frequent-visitor-at-OC card is almost full (no such card)
Ocean City, MD is a popular spot for beach-goers from all parts of the country. Whether it's a celebration for graduated seniors, a cool car show, or a family getaway, thousands of people have made this trip. Some, over and over...and over again. Like Kaden.

Catching a nap, and sunlight, before the beach
It takes just a little over two hours to reach the beach. For us, Ocean City can be conquered in a day. No hotel necessary. Yesterday, it was conquered in 12 hours- 4 for travel, 8 for play (and food...yum).

Here's a few things that happened that day:
  • We sat next to a family who had a little boy named Kaden.
  • We ate yummy Thrasher's fries and tasty Dumser's Italian Ice.
  • The birds were attacking just about everything imaginable.
  • Vinny, from MTV's "Jersey Shore", will be at H2O 8/10.
  • We all got tans. Surprise!
  • I only checked my e-mail once. 
  • Kaden stayed in the water for hours.
  • Traffic was a breeze.
  • My mom packed Kaden a huge "snack pak".
  • Kaden caught a sand crab (creepy looking things). 
  • The police officer thanked us for obeying the crosswalk signs. 
  • I made a new friend. A little boy inquiring about a scar on my leg.
  • It was the girls, and Kaden, riding in Aunt Kinsey's Mustang with the top down.
  • Kaden got a new boogie board, bucket/shovel combo, and swim trunks.
It took some convincing for me to "test the waters". Kaden exhausted his grandmother and aunt for most of the time. I've been feeling a little beat with all this health stuff I have going on (and I had a "visitor" this week). Eventually, I got my feet wet and was able to capture these great moments with Kaden.

There was a bit of a buzz on the beach that someone had drowned earlier that morning. They were swimming at the beach before a lifeguard was on duty. And to top it off, our particular lifeguard said that he saved nine people that day. He was not only exhausted, but he was frustrated with beach-goers who were not respecting his wishes to use caution and be responsible in the water. A few minutes before 5 pm, all the lifeguards on the beach motioned everyone to come in close to the lifeguard stand.

He told everyone about the fatality earlier in the day. He explained how water safety is very important. He also warned us that the beach would be closing in ten minutes, and that no one could swim after that (some did at their own risk).

I had never experienced this before, so I decided to capture it on my camera. I didn't want to point it directly in his face, so I held my camera down to catch the audio. Much to my surprise, I was taping a little girl right beside me without knowing. When I checked my camera later, I chuckled at what I discovered. Her reaction is priceless.

If you are in or near the area, don't forget to stop by Ocean City for an easy daycation. You don't even have to spend a lot of money (not counting food, gas, and the obligatory souvenir). The beach is always free!

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