MyExtra Gum Review #MomSelect

Business cards are a necessity in, you guessed it, the business world. Even that has changed. Now, everyone seems to have a card to highlight their talents, skills, or a reason to look important.  It's the one, simple way you can connect and network with people in a universal language.

"Here's my card. Here's my information. Keep in touch. Okay. Thanks. Bye!"

Not that the conversation should go like this, but in a room filled with tons of people and endless chatter, your card should be able to do the speaking for you. Be true to who you are. Be unique, original, creative. And this is the one time where "selling yourself" will not land you a night in jail (unless you have one too many cocktails).

With conference season in full swing, orders for business cards are at an all-time high. Even those who already own them are constantly updating the look or re-branding themselves. Some of us are even trying out new ideas.

Hello, MyExtra Gum! These are "customized packs of gum with photos for any special occasion."

The process is simple. In four easy steps, you can have your own customized pack of gum. (For the sake of this review, I did a test run. This is not my final product.)


There are several themes to choose from.
Themes range from Anniversary to Valentine's Day to Just Because to Your Business. Don't be forced to pick the obvious theme. Browse around to find one that matches your personality. It may just be in another category.


One of many BUSINESS templates. I chose this one.
I spent a lot of time on this step. Mainly because I had fun designing the pack of gum. I couldn't decide what look I wanted. I decide to go with something simple for my first order. There is even an option for orientation. Choose LANDSCAPE or PORTRAIT.


Treat it like a business card and add important information about you.
This is where you:
  • Add a message, name, title
  • Upload a photo
  • Choose a background
  • Place the MyExtra logo
You can also flip the back over to choose a color.

I chose to match my theme. Choose a bold color to stand out. PINK, maybe.

Step 4: FINISH!

Make sure you look over your design, check the spelling, adjust your font and placements, then click finish. Don't forget to name your pack. You can also share your design on Facebook and Twitter so all your friends can take a look at your creation.

Then, you're all set to order.

The final price is around $31.90 for 5 packs and shipping. That does seem a bit pricey when compared to business cards. Keep in mind that you don't have to hand out these to everyone. Give them to the people who you want to make an impression on...or anyone you want to.

Sure, some might think it's offensive to hand them, not one stick, but an entire pack of gum. Oh well! If the stick fits, chew it. At least you'll both have pleasant smelling breath while conversing about your business. Just don't blow a bubble (or pop your gum...hate that). You'll ruin your chances of making adult friends...maybe.

Disclosure: I was provided a code to review a complimentary set of MyExtra Gum thanks to MomSelect. There was no monetary compensation for writing this post. The opinions and views are my own.

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