#Discoverywalk with Instagram

It's easy to lose focus of the simple things in life. So often we pass by a flower without noticing it has gone from seed to full bloom. I am guilty of this. Always pretending life is hectic and I'm too busy to notice the delicate parts that make the world go 'round. I changed that.

A couple of weeks ago, I started going on what I call a "discovery walk". It's simply a stroll around the house, the park, or any (un)familiar place. All you need is a camera (cell phone, digital or fancy, ipod, etc.) to capture what you see. I like to use Instagram. It's a slight obsession, but it makes me appreciate life even more when I examine the photos I snap. 

It doesn't have to take a long time. I usually knock out my #discoverywalk in less than 20 minutes. And I don't like to take more than 10 photographs. Save some for later. Here is what I captured today:

Skinny Water in the fridge

A flower with a bug resting on it.

The morning sky.

 Bricks on the side of the house.

Colorful flowers reaching for the sky.

Harley Davidson waiting patiently to be driven.

Call it what you want to. Alone time. At one with nature. Life stroll. (Hey, even I like that one. I think I'll be using that hashtag for now on - #LifeStroll.) Just remember to embrace, appreciate, and reflect on all the "things" that surround you. It's not all about you, ya know?

Discoveries come in all forms. Don't miss your chance to sneak up on one.

*main photo courtesy of Instgr.am

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