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Everything's just peachy...except my knees of course.

My mom has shared with me (on several occasions and unsolicited) how she used to coordinate my lunch box to match my coat. I guess she figured I could look fabulous on the bus ride to school and use the hall as my runway on the way to class. Clearly, no one kept their coat on all day or their lunch box with them at all times. I cringe at the thought of all the other "unique" ensembles she created for me. Nonetheless, I do remember my teacher's frequent compliments about my sense of style. So, "thank you", mom. Next time, make sure my knees look just as stylish in the picture above. It's looks I was kneeling in the sandbox.

Stylish mother and son
My experiences with my son are a bit different. One, he's a boy (obviously). Two, he could never get away with a matching coat and lunch box now that he's pass the age of...four. Three, it's uncool to agree with anything that your parents suggest. Luckily, he has a fabulous mom to employ for all of his style questions and dilemmas. He'll thank me later.

As Kaden enters the fourth grade this year (hold me!), he will most likely take on a new sense of style. After all, he already picks out his own socks, underwear, and t-shirt. The only logical step would be to pick out the "outer shell" as well. He's such a big boy, ya know (pinches virtual cheek of an imaginary child)?
Plaid and Polka Dots
I asked Kaden what his "style" is. In his extremely decisive nature, he offered this, "Anything except khakis." Well then! That just about narrows it down to...everything.

I actually know what his style is. It's a little bit preppy meets rocker meets skater meets...the parents. No. Wait. That's not quite how to describe it. Let's just say, his jeans are a bit skinny, his shirts button up or bare a logo, and everything else filters in. 

Back-to-school is just around the corner. Pencils, crayons, glue sticks, and other supply necessities are all abuzz. However, we all know that clothing is a huge part of the shopping. Thank goodness there are stores like jcpenny to offer affordable and stylish clothing for growing, young men like Kaden.

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