Oh Oh Oh Oh, OnStar! The Right Stuff & Right Way

Headed to the NKOTBSB concert
All dressed up with somewhere to go
The 1st Mariner Arena was packed with women, and a few men, of all races, ages, sizes, insanity-levels, you name it. The Baltimore Chevy Girls attended the NKOTBSB concert on Sunday and re-lived their teenage dreams. I screamed just enough to look like a fool, but not enough to lose my voice. It was a great stress-reliever, a time to be care-free, and a chance to let it all hang out for one night (we'll get to my dress later).

Rasha Jay and Me in the parking garage
I hit the road with a few passengers. My cousin, Rasha Jay (who is an aspiring actress in NJ/NY), drove all the way from New Jersey to Maryland to attend the concert with me. She thinks that Joey McIntyre is her husband, but I heard he was also married to fellow Baltimore Chevy Girl, Madeleine Homes. I suggest a dance-off as a means of determining who should be his wife.

Baltimore Chevy Girls Madeleine and Keonté at the concert
My other passenger, or chauffeur, was the OnStar system. Check out how it help navigate me to boy band land.

MM Couture Dress
Cool like LEMONade
Now to more important stuff— fashion! I was going to go all ripped-jeans-patent-leather-shoes-stonewashed-jacket for this concert, but I didn't. Instead I chose a sleeveless v-neck silk chiffon MM Couture dress, or dress for short,  from Macy's that my MOM purchased for me (she still has style and shops for her only-child). It was so fun and bright. I joked that I looked like a lemon, but I stood out in a crowd of t-shirt bearing teens. Besides, it was super hot in Baltimore, MD that night and I needed to be able to "get down" in my "getup". A girl on the go needs to be comfortable, but should never compromise her style.

I accomplished a lot of "firsts" on this adventure. It was my first time using OnStar, my first time being on time, and my first time seeing New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys in concert. I'm hoping it will not be my last time for each of these.

Now, can OnStar tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

*P.S. The night would have been even better if Lara DiPaola and her infamous bag were there. Maybe next time, no?!

Disclaimer: The Baltimore Chevy Girls on the Go campaign is being sponsored by Baltimore Area Chevy Dealers. I was given a Chevy Traverse to test drive for one month, as well as gift cards to pay for the documented missions. The views and opinions shared are my own. The excitement is real and I may shed a tear when I return the vehicle back to its owner.
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