Mom, I want to join the Air Force

1:39 PM
Planes, trains, and automobiles has turned into Planes, jets, and helicopters in our house. Kaden's school notebooks and folders are decorated with pictures he has drawn over the course of the last few months (we won't even talk about his bedroom dresser that he turned into his canvas). He knows more about aircrafts at the young age of 9 than I will ever know in my entire life. That's a promise.

Last month, both Kaden and his aunt attended the Andrews Air Force Base Air show. He took his iPod along to capture the day. He brought a truckload of stories back home, along aviator glasses and memorabilia (thanks to Aunt Kinsey and her flexible budget).


Selfishly I want him to choose another career. It's the whole mother thing. Perhaps he can give Sasha Obama a call and get a ride on Air Force 1...without all the danger. On second thought, dating the President's daughter may be a little more frightening than operating an aircraft. We'll just start him off with the sneakers made by bike Nike for now.
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