Hey! WASPS Going On?

A lot is changing in my life right now. Closing chapters. New beginnings. Change.

I'll have to admit, I'm not dealing with every aspect of this "change" too well. But it is my reality. I have to take the tools I own and rebuild my life accordingly. Like a wasp. Huh?!

Just this past Saturday as I sat in an almost empty room filled with moving boxes, clothes on hangers and traces of my failure to dust. I stumbled upon the most amazing thing- a colony of wasps, setting up shop in a window I never cleaned or looked out of. It was on the side end of the house facing the woods.

I immediately grabbed my Sony Bloggie touch camera that was given to me as a gift at the Disney Dreamers Academy. I filmed in awe as the wasps worked as a team to create a home. Their execution was unreal. Even more unreal were the similarities they share with human kind- taking breaks in the form of a nap, protecting their home, and working hard to make their vision come to life. It was a metaphor waiting to be discovered. And I was there to stake my claim.

Kaden is allergic to wasps. The site of them makes him nervous. But even when I showed him this video he couldn't help but watch it with bright eyes.

I'm sad to say, we'll probably have to destroy this nest. It can be dangerous to let them keep building it, eventually creating what we call "home". It's hard to see anyone work so hard to create a place to call their own, then have it all come crumbling down.

But, that's life!

I'm sure they'll find some other destination to create a home, even better than the one they had before. And maybe this time the view from the window will be so beautiful, a whole new world will be discovered.

BTW, it's a good thing all the audio was muted. There's a part where Ian comes in the room and asks, "Are you going to take a shower today?" He knows me too well.


  1. that looks quite gross hate bees/wasp of any kind! I would have had a broom to that with the quickness lol.

  2. Tammie, it IS gross. So gross that it's still there. I kind of want to see the progress. I know, sick girl I am!


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